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  • 健康检查
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)对 3)错 4)对 B. 1)陪 2)麻烦 3)建议 4)大概 5)检查 C. 1)我觉得不太舒服。 2)我建议你做一个健康检查。 3)你先来办公室找我。


  • 百家姓
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)对 2)错 3)错 4)对 B. 1)记忆 2)收录 3)按照 4)普及 5)排列


  • 我要投诉
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)错 2)错 3)对 4)错 B. 1)按理说 2)管用 3)倒霉 4)负责 5)退货


  • 孔子小时候的故事
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)对 2)对 3)错 4)对 B. 1)把握 2)刚刚 3)天才 4)考 5)背


  • 水管漏水了
    Jing Zhang
    练习答案 A. 1)对 2)错 3)错 4)错 B. 1)擦 2)关 3)漏水 4)修理 C. 1)水漏得越来越多了。 2)我拧不动阀门。 3)咱们得把这儿打扫一下。


private lessons 一对一教学


Please apply by email for a free trial of our private lessons  


大家好!为使世界各地的朋友方便地学习纯正的汉语, iMandarinPod 开设了网上汉语课堂,为您提供一对一个性化服务,针对您的个性需求,提供您最想学习的内容。


iMandarinPod 提供的网上一对一汉语教学,是由我们严格挑选的有经验的教师执教,通过网络课堂教授汉语。我们的教师会评估学生现有水平,再根据学生的需求推荐教材,选择授课方式和进度,学生可以按照各自需求计划上课时间。网上一对一课程是通过 skypemsngoogle talk 等方式进行的,所以,无论您身在何地,只要有网络连接就可以上课。





1. 客户咨询:通过给我们发邮件,提出上课申请,同时,介绍自己,对自己的汉语水平自我评估,也可以询问关于一对一课程的任何问题;


2. 评估试讲:我们将根据您的要求,为你选择合格的老师,为您提供一次免费试讲课程,同时,教师也评估您现有水平,为您量身定做私人课程计划,确定上课教材和时间;


3. 支付学费:请点击收费图标,支付课程费用;收费标准: 15 美元 / 小时(收费标准会根据学员的所在地、课程水平、上课时间、汇率变化等进行调整);起始收费次数为10课,即150美元/次;


4. 上课学习:我们的老师将按照和您约定的时间,为您授课;


5. 质量反馈:您对我们的授课有任何意见和建议,请给我们发邮件,我们将第一时间解决您的问题;





In order to help people learn Chinese efficiently and conveniently, iMandarinPod offers private lessons to you. The private lessons are good for people who want to learn Chinese more systematically, especially for those who want to attain native fluency in spoken Chinese. The private lessons are instructed by our teachers with the help of popular IM with voice, such as skype, yahoo,MSN and google talk.Therefore, you don't need to leave your home and office to attend these private, personal lessons. As long as you have a computer with internet, you are able to attend the lessons.


As it is customized for you, the length and the time of a lesson are flexible, days and nights should be OK, even weekends. You and your teacher will discuss what you want to learn.Then your teacher will choose a proper textbook for you, set up the time and get the lesson started. You and your teacher will review periodically and adjust the pace if needed. As it is a private lesson, the schedule and pace are very flexible. It is an on-demand service, and it is only just for you!


The rate is 15 dollars per hour (note: depending on the student's location, course level, date and time, exchange rate, the rate may change slightly without notice). So, it is a great savings of time and money!


As our teachers teach Chinese as a second language on daily basis for both of class-based and online lessons, they all majored in teaching Chinese as a second language and/or have gotten certifications, and they have rich experience. Once you start the private lessons, you will know how experienced they are. It is amazing to see yourself make a progress every day.


Don't hesitate to contact us and tell us your level, what you like to improve, when you are available and how often you like to have private lessons, etc. We will arrange a trial lesson right away.


Contact us today. The email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it !

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